• The CPA

    Bermuda is a member of the Commonwealth Parliamentry Association (CPA). We are currently listed in the Caribbean, American and Atlantic branch. One of our former Members of Parliament the Hon. Dame Jennifer Smith was the first Bermudian Vice Chairman of the CPA.  

    The CPA Executive Committee for our branch is the Hon. Kelver Darroux, Hon. Julianna O’Conner-Connolly and the Hon. Alvin Smith.  

    The CPA was originally founded as the Empire Parliamentary Association in 1911, with its first branches being Australia, Canada, Newfoundland, New Zealand, South Africa and the United Kingdom, the latter branch administering the association as a whole. In 1948 the association changed its name to the current Commonwealth Parliamentary Association. The branches are currently grouped into nine Commonwealth regions - Africa; Asia; Australia; British Islands and Mediterranean; Canada; Caribbean, Americas and Atlantic; India; Pacific, and South-East Asia.

    The CPA's mission is to promote the advancement of parliamentary democracy by enhancing knowledge and understanding of democratic governance. It seeks to build an informed parliamentary community able to deepen the commonwealth's democratic commitment and to further co-operation among its Parliaments and Legislatures.