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    The House (Side View)The Bermuda Legislature is bicameral based on the Westminster system. Bermuda’s Parliament, has two chambers: the House of Assembly (the ‘Lower House' of elected members) and the Senate (the ‘Upper House’ of appointed members).  

    This system relies heavily upon the existence of organised political parties, each laying policies before the electorate for approval.  

    The party that wins the most seats at a general election, or who has the support of a majority of members in the House of Assembly, forms the Government. In accordance with the Bermuda Constitution, the leader of the majority party is asked by the Governor to form a Government (i.e. a Cabinet).  

    The largest minority party becomes the official opposition with its own leader and “Shadow Cabinet”. Presently the House of Assembly has the nine ‘Executive Arm’ or Cabinet Ministers, the last member is a representative of the Senate.


  • Did You Know? 

  • In 1979, our second Constitutional Conference resulted in a agreement on provisions for the appointment of an elected Attorney General as an acceptable alternative to the appointment of a non-elected individual to that office.

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