• The Reproduction of Bermuda Legislation

    A person may make a copy of specific Acts or Regulations, in whole or in part, for personal use or for legal use. 

    Libraries may make single photocopies of specific Acts or Regulations, in whole or in part, in response to requests from the public, subject to the following rules: 

    1. The person receiving the photocopied legislation may only use such materials for personal use or for legal use, and should be advised of this when the photocopy is provided.  
    2. Personal use refers to private study or private research. It does not include permission to make copies.  
    3. Legal use refers to reproduction of legislation within letters of advice provided by a lawyer, accountant or other professional as well as reproduction of legislation for use in judicial, administrative or parliamentary proceedings. 
    4. Legislation may NOT be reproduced by or for members of the public for purposes other than personal use and legal use without the prior written consent of the Intellectual Property Program. 

    Any questions regarding the reproduction of Bermuda legislation should be directed to the technical staff at the Legislature at dplamb@gov.bm.