• Jeff Baron, JP, MP

    Shadow Minister of National Security 

    Jeff Baron resized

    Email: jbaron@parliament.bm

    Mr. Jeffrey C. Baron is a specialist in risk management and project management with more than fifteen years’ experience in private sector, independent risk consulting and cabinet-level Government. M.P. Baron holds a Master’s Degree in Security & Risk Management and is acknowledged nationally for valuable contributions in leadership during crises, national reduction in overall crime and strategic planning.

    Mr. Jeffrey C. Baron was appointed to serve as a Senator in December 2012 and served, in that capacity until he was elected into Parliament on July 18, 2017 to represent Warwick North East. He was also appointed as Junior Minister for National Security and Junior Minister for Legal Affair. Jeff was further appointed as Minister of National Security in May 2016. During his tenure as Minister Jeffrey Baron was known for demonstrating spirited leadership, empathy and passion - and achieving significant results despite budget challenges. 

    As Minister, Jeff’s professional achievements were notable: Bermuda saw the lowest recorded overall crime rates since 2000. The lowest rates of recidivism based on social programs inside Corrections Department and external efforts through effective collaboration and investment in social agencies. Lowest rates of incarceration for Bermuda ever. Upon leaving office there was a total of 191 inmates island wide - down from 300 once taken office. 

    Jeff also led the Emergency Measure Organisation (EMO) during Cat 4 Hurricane Nicole, Bermuda's largest Hurricane in decades. Due to decisive actions and stellar communications strategy no loss of life or injury was reported and Bermuda was open for business the following day - a win for Bermuda’s business continuity and jurisdictional reputation. He also Advised Obama Administration staff on Hurricane Management plans and legislative levers to increase success for natural disaster response for our US neighbors. 

    Through his vision, collaboration and investment Jeff Baron secured Bermuda a place within the National Network for Safer Communities (NNSC) at John. J. College, NY, NY, and began a 'Public Safety Reform' conversation aimed at a more equitable application of law enforcement and public policies for Bermuda.

    Prior to his life in politics Jeff served as a Sergeant in the Bermuda Police Service, directed corporate security operations for Rosewood Tuckers Point and led a strategic response team on a multi-year United Nations peacekeeping mission in Kosovo. He is the first and only Bermudian to be deployed as a Field Officer for the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations. He later completed Senior Executives in National Security and ‘Leadership in Crises’ programmes held at Harvard University’s John F. Kennedy School of Government. 

    Jeff has played an active role within the community – as a former Board Director for Crime Stoppers Bermuda and a mentor at Big Brothers & Big Sisters (2000-2006) and he is currently a Director of the ‘September 5th Foundation Board.