• Sergeant-at-Arms

    Sergeant Major Arnold E. Allen, EM 

    Arnold Allen - resized 2 Email: aeallen@gov.bm    

    The Sergeant-at-Arms sits between the public gallery and the Members of Parliament, to ensure proper order at all times. He is largely in charge with seeing to the safety and security of Members of Parliament and the parliament prescient.

    The Sergeant-at-Arms ensures that all legislation is distributed to all members, press and public. In addition, the Sergeant-at-Arms leads the opening procession with the Speaker, carrying the Mace, the Speaker’s symbol of authority and is responsible for opening and closing the House of Assembly.

    The current Sergeant-at-Arms is Sergeant Major Arnold Allen, whom is a former Warrant Officer. He has served as company Sergeant Major for A company and Support company and commander for the the Regimental Police of the Royal Bermuda Regiment. Mr. Allen has held the position of Sergeant-at-Arms since May, 2016.