• Remuneration - 2014 

    Current salaries of Members of Parliament  
    Position   Annual Salary 
    Members of House of Assembly   $56,023 
    Speaker, House of Assembly    $82,592    
    Deputy Speaker, House of Assembly    $69,308 
    Premier   $207,285  
    Deputy Premier as (F/T)* Minister   $168,965 
    Minister of Finance as (F/T) Minister  $177,033 
    Minister of Finance (part-time)  $116,528 
    Attorney General   $203,045 
    Ministers in the House of Assembly (F/T)  $156,864 
    Part-time Ministers  $106,444 
    Opposition Leader    $86,390 
    Junior Ministers in the House of Assembly  $67,410   
    Party Whips  $63,616  
    *(F/T) is Full Time

  • Did You Know? 

  • In the lower house a quorum consists of the Speaker, or in committee, the Chairman and fourteen other members. If at any time a member draws attention to the absence of a quorum, the Speaker or Chairman rings the bell and the proceedings are suspended until the required number are present at their seats in the chamber.