• Members of the Senate

    The Senate has eleven members, all of whom are appointed by the Governor - five on the recommendation of the Government Leader, three on the recommendation of the Leader of the Opposition and three (referred to as Independents) by the Governor acting in his own discretion.

    Hon. Carol A. M. Bassett (IND)  President of the Senate
    Joan E. Dillas-Wright (IND)   Vice - President of the Senate
    James S. Jardine (IND)  Independent Member of the Senate
    Michael M. Fahy (OBA)  Minister of Tourism, Transport & Municipalities
    Vic E. Ball (OBA)    Spokesperson for Ministry of Education and Home Affairs
    Georgia Marshall (OBA)  Spokesperson for Legal Affairs
    Jeff Baron (OBA)   Minister of National Security
    Lynn Woolridge (OBA)  Junior Minister of Health and Seniors
    Kim Wilkerson (PLP)  Shadow Minister of Economic Development
    Tinee Furbert  Senate Members
    Renee Ming (PLP)  Shadow Minister for Municipalities