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Regulations Committee

  • The Regulations Committee brings to the special attention of the House any regulations: 

    (a) which involve the expenditure of public monies or imposes or fixes fees for licenses or for services; 

    (b) the making of which appears to constitute an unexpected use of powers conferred by the Act under which it was made; 

    (c) which purports to have retroactive effect; 

    (d) the publication or laying before the House of which appears to have been unduly delayed; or 

    (e) to purport or form of which appears to require elucidation     

  • Name


    Mr. H. Kim Swan

    Chairman of Committee

     Mr. T. Christopher Famous

    Committee member

    Hon. Michael J. Scott

    Committee member

    Hon. L. Craig Cannonier

    Committee member

    Hon. Michael M. Dunkley

    Committee member