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Committee of the Auditor General

  • This committee consists of five members, including of the Chairman. Some of the duties of this committee are as follows: 

    Reviewing annual and any supplementary estimates requested by the Auditor General and make recommendations to the Minister of Finance. Reporting to the House of Assembly the potential effects on the Auditor’s ability to carry out his functions in a timely manner of any changes to either estimates, including supplementary estimates, or establishment of the Office of the Auditor from those recommended by the Committee.    
  • Name


    Mrs. Renee D. Ming

    Chairman of Committee

     Mr. Neville S. Tyrrell

    Committee member

    Mr. Dennis. J. Lister

    Committee member

    Ms. Leah K. Scott

    Committee member

    Mr. Sylvan D. Richards

    Committee member

     Mr. Clark Somner

    Committee Clerk