Parliamentary Questions

There are two types of Parliamentary Questions.  

1.  Parliamentary Questions are asked during the Question Period in the House. These questions are put to a Minister or Junior Minister. Members are not allowed to asked questions without notice, unless it is urgent or relates to matters arising out of Ministerial Statements. No more than one subject shall be referred to in any one question. There is a time limit of sixty minutes including supplementary questions and points of order.  

 A question cannot deal with matters referred to a Commission of Inquiry or within the jurisdiction of the Chair of a Select Committee also which may reflect the decisions of a court of law. Additionally a member cannot ask a question that deals with the actions of a Minister for which he/she is not responsible to Parliament.  

2.  Written Parliamentary Questions are questions that require written answers and are to be given the Clerk to the Legislature. Ministers or Junior Minister have nine days to write answers to the parliamentary questions presented to them. The links on the right will show previous written parliamentary questions.