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The Hon. Walton Brown, JP, MP

Minister for the Cabinet Office

Minister of Home Affairs the Hon. Walton Brown JP MP is a political scientist and well-known social commentator and analyst. He taught politics and history for twelve years at Bermuda College and later entered the private sector full time as founder and president of Research Innovations. Minister Brown is an alumnus of West Pembroke School, The Berkeley Institute and Bermuda College. He earned his Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Political Studies from Queen's University and his Masters Degree in Political Science from York University, both in Canada. He has authored many academic papers and published extensively in academic and mainstream media; he has also made numerous presentations at conferences throughout Europe, the Americas and the Caribbean. Mr. Brown is the author of "Bermuda and the Struggle for Reform: Race, Politics and Ideology, 1944-1998" which won the National Literary Award for Nonfiction in 2013. As a Member of Parliament since 2012, Minister Brown has been a vocal proponent for comprehensive and collaborative immigration reform. He became the Minister of Home Affairs in July 2017 as a member of the Progressive Labor Party.