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Jeanne Atherden, JP, MP


Mrs. Jeanne Atherden was exposed to community involvement and politics at an early age as both of her parents, Erskine and Pearl Adderley, sat on numerous boards and her mother, Pearl Adderley ran for Parliament in 1968. Mrs. Atherden graduated from the Berkely Institute and McGill University where she attained a Bachelor of Commerce; additionally she has obtained a Chartered Accountant designation. She later began to make her own community contributions, which included serving on the Board of Governors of the Bermuda College, becoming President of the Harrington Sound PTA and joining the Education Planning Team (EPT) in order to help shape a new direction for education. 
 Mrs. Atherden is an avid sportsperson she plays netball, volley ball and golf and has serves as President of the Bermuda Netball Association and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of St. George's Gold Course. Her contributions were recognised in her selection as one of Bermuda's Two Outstanding Young Persons. In 2008 she was appoint to the Senate, while being in the Senate she was appointed to serve as a Members of the Parliamentary Joint Select Committee on Education. In 2009, she served as one of the six members appointed by the Governor to sit on the Boundaries Commission. Mrs. Atherden is a wife and mother of two daughters.