The Hon. Patricia J. Gordon–Pamplin, JP, MP

Shadow Minister of Health


The Hon. Patricia Gordon-Pamplin comes from a very “political” family. Her father served as a Member of Colonial Parliament and her sister served as Bermuda’s first female Premier. Pat was determined to contribute to the politics in Bermuda in her own right. Pat took up an immediate challenge on entering the political arena to correct an injustice that was apparent when Bermudian men were treated differently from Bermudian women if they should marry a foreign spouse. So determined was Pat to right this inequity, having been subjected to the difficulties emanating from that policy, that she founded the Alliance for the Protection of Rights of Bermudian Women, and challenged the then government by running as an independent candidate in one of its most marginal constituencies at the general election of 1993. Notwithstanding that she was a member of the party that she challenged, it was standing up for that which is right, not just for herself, but for those who may not have the courage to stand for themselves that created the impetus for her bold actions. In 1998 Pat was appointed to the Senate, soon afterwards challenging and winning a primary and parliamentary seat in 1999. Re-elected in 2003 and again in 2007, she continues to serve Bermuda and her constituency with vigour. From 2006 until December 2007, Pat served as Deputy Leader for the UBP, and then as acting leader until a permanent replacement was elected by the membership. During her parliamentary career, she has shadowed different portfolios including Youth, Sport & Recreation, Labour & Home Affairs, Finance and Public Works. She has served on the Public Accounts Committee for the House of Assembly as well as the Auditor General Committee. Pat values fairness above all, and she is willing to take on the most apparently insurmountable of tasks in order to ensure that equity prevails. Educated in London at the City of London Polytechnic, Pat is a Fellow of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants, having qualified in 1979, and completed her article clerkship under the auspices of KPMG. She is the Chief Accountant for a group of Class IV insurance companies, and has worked in the insurance industry for some 25 years. She has represented the Bermuda parliament at various CPA seminars, including most recently the CPA congress held in Nairobi, Kenya. Pat is the mother of two sons, aged 45 and 26. She serves as the Senior Usher for her church, St. Paul’s AME. Pat loves playing tennis and is a registered umpire, participating in most local tournaments. In her free time she writes poetry.