Bermuda Laws

After legislation has been passed by the House of Assembly, the Bill is signed by the Speaker and sent to the Senate, where it is taken through its three readings, using (with a slight degree of variation) somewhat similar proceedings to those adopted by the House of Assembly. Following the bill's passage through the Senate, it is signed by the President and them sent via the Premier to the Attorney General's Chambers for final vetting prior to its submission to the Governor. This Governor is authorised under the Constitution to assent bills on behalf of Her Majesty the Queen.

After the Governor has given his assent by affixing his signature to the legislation, it is deemed to have been officially enacted from the start of the same day of signing. Notice of the enactment (indicating the short title of the legislation and the date of its enactment) is then published in the Official Gazette, following which the bill is reprinted as an Act, with the Bermuda crest at the top of the the title page and minus the explanatory memorandum attached at the back of the original draft passed by the Legislature.