The Minutes for the Senate are a recorded account of attendance of Senators, as well as documenting the times and proceedings of the Senate.

To confirm minutes in the Senate there are six proceedings:

1)    Copies of the Minutes of the previous meeting will be circulated to Senators in advance of the meeting.  

2)    Normally the Vice President will make the following motion: “Madam President, I move that the minutes be taken and read.” 

3)    The President puts this motion to Senate and, if there is no objection, announce that the minutes are taken as read. 

4)    If there is a correction to be made a Senator should put forward the necessary amendment when the motion is under consideration.  

5)    The same Senator that made the earlier motion to make a further motion. “Madame President, I move that the minutes be confirmed.”  

6)    The President will put the motion to the Senate and if there is no objection, announces that the minutes are confirmed. She then signs them.