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Significant Events 1960-1963

1960-   The Committee for Universal Adult Suffrage (CUAS), spearheaded by Roosevelt Brown and others, was organised with the dual objective of extending the franchise for all adults twenty-one years and over and of abolishing the property requirement for voting. The group was so successful in raising public sensitivity to these contentious issues that Government accepted in principle the concept that universal suffrage should be implemented.

1963-   The Parliamentary Election Act was passed, giving every adult twenty-five years of age and above the right to vote. This piece of legislation also incorporated the Watlington Amendment, extending the landowners which possessed ratable property anywhere in Bermuda a send or "plus" vote in the constituencies in which they lived. Parishes were retained as electoral districts, but were now divided into two constituencies - i.e. there were eighteen in total, each of which returned two Members to the House of Assembly.

1963-   The Progressive Labour Party (PLP) was formed, consisting of six parliamentarians, lead by Mr. Arnold A. Francis.