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Significant Events 1968-1971

1968-   The first election to be held with the new constitutional framework took place on 14th June 1968, effectively taking Bermuda from a representative to responsible form of Government and transferring most of the Governor's former executive function to the Executive Council, which was now headed by the person commanding the support of the majority of the elected Members of the House of Assembly. That individual, referred to as the Government Leader (a designation which in later years was changed to Premier) chose the other Members of the Executive Council (subsequently called Ministers) from party representatives within the Legislature. Thus, the Council (known today as the Cabinet) assumed responsibility for the administration of the internal affairs of Bermuda, while the Governor, in a truncated role, retained, control of external affairs, defence, internal security and the police, matters on which he was and still is, constitutionally obliged to consult with the Government of the day.

1971-   Sir. Edward Richards became the first black Bermudian Government Leader.