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Significant Events 1964-1966

1964-   The United Bermuda Party (UBP), composed of twenty -six former independent parliamentarians, was established under the leadership of Mr. Henry "Jack" Tucker (later Sir Henry Tucker) and assumed control of legislative affairs in the House of Assembly.

1966-   The "plus" vote was abolished and the voting age for every Bermudian (by birth or grant) was lowered to twenty-one (later changed to eighteen in 1989). All British subjects satisfying the age requirement  and having lived on the island for at least three years were also given the vote, a concession which was later rescinded. In addition, Pembroke Parish because of its large population, was split into four districts with each returning two elected representatives, a change which effectively increase the House of Assembly sears from thirty-six to forty.

1966-   Representatives of the United Bermuda Party and the Progressive Labour Party, the Legislative Council and independent House of Assembly members, attended a Constitutional Conference in London, as a result of which Bermuda's first written Constitution was drawn up and approved.