Christopher Famous, JP, MP



Mr. Chris Famous is a long-serving employee of BELCO, where he is responsible for the twenty-four hour a day operations of its generation and auxiliary units. He is also a business owner who fully understands the need to balance workers’ rights, business plans and the contribution workers and businesses make to a growing and healthy economy. Chris is the Party Organiser for the Progressive Labour Party and a member of the Party’s Public Relations Committee. His main responsibilities are ensuring the voters are connected through regular canvassing. He was born into a politically-active family that helped form the Progressive Labour Party. The majority of his family roots remain in Devonshire, where they served as the backbone of the support for the legendary L. Frederick Wade and Dame Lois Browne-Evans when they served the constituency of Devonshire North. Instilled with the values of equality for all, worker’s rights and forward thinking policies, Chris was groomed to be involved in grass roots party activities community action and spirit. He served in the Royal Bermuda Regiment for five years and achieved the rank of Acting Sergeant responsible for a platoon of 20 soldiers. His tenure in the Regiment took him on hurricane relief missions to Jamaica and the British Virgin Islands where he enjoyed, first hand, the satisfaction of helping others recover and re-build. Chris is a member of the Berkeley Educational Society Management committee which oversees all aspects of the Berkeley Institute. He is directly responsible for promoting the history of the Berkeley Institute and raising this awareness across all media. He is also an award winning columnist, having written hundreds of columns for the Bermuda Sun, Bernews, Caribbean News Now, Today In Bermuda and The Royal Gazette. One of his passions is to increase the number of Bermudians in the technical fields such as Automotive Sciences, the construction industry, HVAC and Telecommunications. Chris is a graduate of the Berkeley Institute and the Bermuda College and has successfully completed many Technical courses in his chosen field. He is a long time resident of Devonshire and a former soccer player for the Devonshire-based, Wolves Sports Club. Chris is married to Maxine and is the father of 6 children and grandfather of 2.