Lawrence Scott, JP, MP



Mr. William Lawrence Alexander Scott (aka Lawrence Scott) is the son of former Premier, the Hon. William Alexander Scott and Olga May Scott (nee Lawrence), OBE. In addition to this, his grand-father Willard Alexander Scott was the Warwick Parish police Sergeant; his Great Great Grandfather, John H.T. Jackson, was the second black member of the House of Assembly; his Great Uncle Albert Jackson was the President of the Bermuda Senate and his Cousin, Stanley Lowe was the Speaker of the House for fourteen years. Lawrence’s family’s background has exposed him to the importance of community and public service. Lawrence attended the Gilbert Institute, the Bermuda Institute and is a graduate of the Florida Air Academy High School (FAA). During his time at FAA, Lawrence held the post of Ranking Officer in Charge of Supplies. Upon graduating from FAA in 1997, Lawrence attended Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and Lynn University where in 2004 he received a Bachelor of Science degree (B.Sc.) in Business Administration with a concentration in Aviation Management and Flight Training. While a student at Lynn University, he was a member of the University Student Government and served one year as President of the University Judicial Board. In 2004, Lawrence returned home to Bermuda where he worked as an Operations Officer with Aircraft Services Bermuda. In 2005, Lawrence was Chief Executive Officer of his own company Airborne Management, which specialized in luxury concierge services. In 2006, he assumed the role of supervisor of JetBlue Airlines at the L.F. Wade International Airport. During this time, Lawrence has expanded his professional development by obtaining further pilot ratings. Prior to his election in 2012 to the House of Assembly, Lawrence has actively participated in Bermuda’s community; such community service includes: St. Johns Ambulance as a ‘First Responder’; Member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated; Mentor with a weekly boys club; and Youth lecturer where on occasion; Lawrence is invited into the local schools to share his experiences and encourages the youth to pursue their passion for aviation and flight. His family lineage coupled with his community involvement and professional experience, will provide a good foundation for Lawrence as a Member of Parliament. Lawrence believes through his election, that he can effectively and efficiently reach the youth of Bermuda and provide them with a relevant and positive image of the political process. He believes that offering positive role models for the youth is one way of generating more productive citizens.