Arianna Hodgson, JP

Junior Minister for Labour, Finance and Health


Arianna Hodgson was born and raised in Hamilton Parish and is the eldest of two daughters born to Anna Ryden and Odinga Hodgson. She is the granddaughter of former PLP Minister Arthur Hodgson, and the great niece of the late Dr. Eva Hodgson. Arianna was educated at Francis Patton Primary School and graduated from the Bermuda Institute of Seventh-day Adventists before obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resource Management from La Sierra University in 2014. Upon her return to the island, Arianna joined Expertise as a Management Consultant and has spent the past six years gaining a wealth of experience in both the public and private sectors. Through her social media presence as The Good Mom, Arianna has created a platform to have unfiltered and unscripted conversations about the day-to-day chaos, the impossible expectations and the truths and fears of parenting. Arianna is also a member of the Junior Economic Advisory Committee. Arianna is concerned about the underrepresentation of women in leadership and the deepening generational divide on our island. She believes in the importance of developing and supporting the advancement of our island’s physical and intellectual resources and hopes that we will come together to create a future that protects and celebrates those who have been historically marginalized. Arianna is the proud mother of Xari Wade. Between modeling, candle making, dancing and cheer squad, they enjoy spending their free time exploring new places.