The Hon. Joan Dillas-Wright, MBE, JP

President of the Senate


Mrs. Dillas - Wright has a passion for Healthcare and politics of Bermuda. She now serves as President of the Senate and is an appointed independent senator. She possess both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. Mrs. Dillas - Wright attained her bachelors degree from Queen’s University; later she attained her Masters in Science at Indiana University. Mrs. Dillas - Wright has worked in the Healthcare field, in the UK and Bermuda. She had a 30 year tenure with the Bermuda Hospitals Board, serving as Director of Nursing and Administration of the Mid-Atlantic Wellness Institute, (recognised as a ‘Legend’); also a BHB Consultant; and CEO, until retiring in 2006. She has additionally served on many local Boards, Committees and Task Forces. Mrs. Dillas - Wright was giving the distinguished honour of being awarded the Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE) for her contribution to Healthcare in Bermuda. Mrs. Dillas - Wright also has served as a Panelist on the Family Court. Currently she is a member of the Executive and Management Committees of the LCCA.